Get Unhooked

Men in the church, who are called to be pillars have been reduced to piles of rubble in the wake of their guilt and shame from being unable to find deliverance from the grip of pornography. What is the cost of porn? Freedom, Intimacy, Joy, Confidence, Identity and Peace? Are you tired of feeling: Hopeless, Helpless, Trapped, Bound and Robbed? The only thing that has the power to truly transform you is the work of Jesus and the power that comes from the word of God. You, and those you care for can be unhooked from pornography forever. This book is a great resource for men's groups, accountability groups, for personal devotions or for anyone who wants to grow in their walk with Jesus. If you are ready to go to the next level in your walk with Christ and become the man that God has designed you to be, it is time to "Get Unhooked"